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corporate consultancy for retailers - laser focussed support

Helping you to create environments where learning and trying new things is encouraged.

Supporting businesses to adapt as trading changes is so important in the current climate. I enjoy working in dynamic markets and creating strategy to help your business grow. By carefully managing cost, investment and stock to support short, medium and long-term goals I can help your corporation move forward in highly competitive markets. Keep reading to find out more about how my specialist corporate consultancy services for retailers can help your organisation…


I am a subject matter expert in Merchandising, sales and demand forecasting, OTB management and cash flow impact which can help you to deliver real results.

I love data analysis and using this to provide meaningful insight. This can be applied to product performance, range performance and financial contributions that will support target setting, and  most importantly the ability to achieve those targets.

Having worked in merchandising teams for over 20 years I know what it takes to improve process and tools for better buying, stock management and branch allocation and grading so you can have confidence that I can help your business to get stock right!

business transformation

Implementing new processes to support your business transformation projects is my specialism.

I can create new ways of working to support sales and operational planning that enhance forecasting and budget accuracy. This can support your business with getting better visibility cross functionally to run the full end to end customer journey and cash flow.

Having worked for major brands on multiple business transformation projects I am well placed to support your next change and would welcome discussions on your corporations innovation and strategy plans.

Driving your retail businesses potential...

I have worked for all levels of corporate brands and understand how manual and automated systems work hand in hand. Setting up new teams and process has always been a rewarding part of my career, supporting the business through individuals and driving their potential with them through development. With my unique experience and exposure to different environments, my specialist corporate consultancy service for retailers includes:

  • Business Transformation Projects
  • Merchandising
  • Buying 
  • Retail Operations
  • Promotional Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Staff Training
  • Corporate Strategy

Consultancy Services that truly support retailers

If you have a specific targeted project or you need a senior level leader in your business for a fixed term I’d love to help with my specialist consultancy for retailers.

Retailers have been going through transformation over the last decade as online sales mix has increased and the relationship dynamic between bricks and clicks has been getting closer. Recent times have forced strategy change and there is now a need to review process and take stock on what has worked and what needs to be true to maintain growth momentum and create a truly magical experience for customers.

This needs to be supported by a flexible and efficient stock strategy that will underpin current trading but is looking forward into the future for any further potential change. There will be more adjustment to come as customers settle on their ideal ways of purchasing and depending on who you serve you will need to keep up with them as they do.  Whether you are focussing on one specific part of your sales and operational planning or you want someone to objectively review your process and work with your teams to create meaningful change then I’d love to talk to you more.

After an initial introductory call we will get together to discuss your needs in more detail. We can talk about the time frame for when you want to achieve your key deliverables and how you want this to be measured. This will inform my proposal and costs along with a framework critical path. Prior to commencing any project I make it a priority to meet all of the key stakeholders so that we are all aligned and fully engaged for the project, and giving you ultimate confidence and transparency.

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