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Leadership Mentoring


Support your developing team with focussed leadership career mentoring services to support their emerging career.

Mentoring is a huge part of anyone’s developmental journey and this has always been one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. My 25 year career has brought me so many challenges and successes and I use my experience in how I overcame obstacles and built my resilience to help others understand their own paths and potential.

Bringing in an external mentor not only gives the mentee the positivity of your business investing in them but also supports your senior leadership team to underpin the development of high performance and the ability of their people to deliver for them.

How I can help

My leadership career mentoring services provide targeted focussed support to emerging and experienced talent in your business.

Emerging Talent

Mentoring for newly identified talent within your succession planning - supporting their growth and potential.

Leading Talent

Mentoring for experienced Managers within your business to support succession planning and maximising potential.

Transition Planning

Mentoring support for organisations undergoing change and restructuring programmes to minimise disruption.

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Focussed Leadership Career Mentoring Support.
Independent & Unbiased

The benefits of using mentors in your business are clear – employees are more engaged, have structure and conviction in their actions and feel empowered to make informed decisions. Utilising independent mentors allows the mentee to benefit from unbiased and non-judgemental support. My 25 years of experience have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience that I can share in the form of strategy techniques, resilience building and personal development. 

Whether you are looking to support emerging talent in your business, or are looking to elevate your existing leadership potential then I can help. I can also help with targeted support for transitional periods and restructuring programmes.

‘Laura has helped me out a lot over the last year with numerous issues and turning points in my career. I have needed help on day to day people management to taking the next steps in my career. Going to Laura, for not only advice, but to soundboard off of has helped me see things a lot clearer. Only a few months ago I hit a turning point in my career with the question ‘should I stay or should I go’. With the help of Laura I was able to see all pros and cons of the situation and make an informative decision, which I am now grateful for and in a position that I love! With Laura’s years of experience she has much knowledge of the retail world and how it works. I cannot recommend her advice and thoughts enough for anything you have in your retail career.’
Kate Casserley
leadership & mentoring client

Need support if you run your own small business?

My retail brand services could be a great option for you.