get your product business ready for 2022

The Plan Your Sales Perfectly Challenge!


Ready to create a sales plan that will drive your product business in 2022? Join me for the Plan Your Sales Perfectly Challenge starting on January 24th!

You’ve done the initial graft to get your business established and you are now ready to move it forward – both financially and creatively – and having a sales plan you believe in is key that will unlock the growth you are looking for.


A sales plan will drive EVERYTHING in your product business – what stock you need and how much, your marketing plans, your business costs, your tech investments and how you take your product range creatively. Knowing what your sales have done for you will open the door to opportunity and knowing what hasn’t been so good is crucial to not repeating mistakes.



2022 will look so different to 2021 which was not the same as 2021 which was nothing like 2019 – finding your trading rhythm has never been so difficult and forward planning can feel very daunting when you have to invest your cash in stock before you know what changes could be on their way.



This challenge is all about getting in tune with your sales and understanding how you can use this information to build your goals for the next 12 months and I want to show you a process that you can use again and again to support your product brand as it rolls with whatever challenges get thrown our way.



Retail is an ever evolving industry and we need to keep up with ever moving trends from technology, customers and product – a well built sales plan will give you the flexibility to move so you can focus on what could need adapting than feel overwhelmed because you’re not sure where to start.

What's included in the challenge?

A Free Sales Excel Sheet

Daily Workbook
Emailed To You

5 Live Sessions With Me

A Dedicated Challenge Group

“Laura really is Queen of the spreadsheets and she will make you look at your range and price structure in a clear and analytical way. If you are like me and drift along using intuition Laura’s disciplined approach can be really helpful”
Karen Borley
Owner, Quince Jewellery

Plan Your Sales Perfectly - What To Expect From The Challenge......

A Dedicated Facebook Group

It will be just us in the challenge group so you can talk to each other and to me through the week, I will be answering questions to help support your work as you make the most of our time together. No matter how big or small the group is we’ll all be there to crack those sales goals so use the space to nail your sales plans with us all.

Free Excel Spreadsheet and Workbooks

I want you to be able to see your numbers and record your lightbulb moments! I have created a simple but effective spreadsheet for you to use in the challenge but that you can come back to anytime you want to review your numbers and there will be workbooks for those notes and ideas to review.

Live Sessions In The Group

Every morning I will be going live to talk you through each stage of the process so you will get your starting point and discover how to pinpoint opportunities to add or to change to make a positive difference to your sales in 2022.

Masterclass On How To Take Your Plans Forward

I will take you through how you can use your sales plan to drive the other parts of your business and also tell you how you can work with me if you want more support in getting it all done!

Sign Up Today! The Group Opens on January 23rd

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