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A suite of self-serve programmes to boost your product based business

When you are just starting out or navigating your way through all of the information available to support your business, it can be overwhelming. I have designed a suite of self-serve programmes that let you dictate the pace but give you all of the targeted learning you need to boost your retail business. Get stuck in today…

passion for product - £497

Passion for Product™ is a unique retail training programme which takes you through the journey of the retail product cycle by two retail experts Ami and Laura – providing you with all you need to create a successful product based business. 

The programme will take you through how to build your own unique retail strategy, using our 9-Box Retail Strategy method which will take you from being confused in your business to finally having a clear road map to take your strategy forward. You will learn the essential retail business skills for success as you progress through the course.

Learning the fundamentals of how to plan your product, sales, marketing and sourcing strategy this programme is comprehensive yet suitable for new and emerging brands. You will learn how all of the essential areas feed into one another to create a 9-Box strategy for your business whilst maintaining your creativity to delight your customers..

This course will help you to learn the combination of all the areas of a retail product business that should be well aligned to create a successful healthy product business. 

fix your mix - £249

This is a comprehensive programme on all things promotional planning. By using the videos, workbooks and a promotional planning template that are all part of the training journey you’ll be taken through the following:

Why promotional planning is essential for all product businesses, how it feeds into strong cash flow planning and how it can help you manage out stock you don’t need profitably

How to identify when you should plan in promotions and how they work as part of your overall sales strategy. Understanding when your customer might like to see a value offer and how it fits into your brand strategy so you use the right ones at the right time.

Identifying what should go into promotions. Assessing product performance and how you can price products differently to clear down what you need to and keep as much profit margin as possible.

Learn how to track your promotional performance and why it’s important to understand how well it worked for you. Understand what good looks like so you can pick the right type of promotion and message to get the best out of each opportunity.

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