strategy coaching to take your business to the next level

Strategy Coaching Programme


Ready for the next level? Then it is time for my strategy coaching programme to help you grow and scale your product business

You’ve done the initial graft to get your business established and you are now ready to move it forward – both financially and operationally. You want to do what you love in your business – and that is being creative. I have designed my strategy coaching programme for those who are ready to take their business to the next level and know they need to get their planning, process and insight in the right place to scale up to their goals.

Over a series of four 2 hour sessions we will look at your whole business model holistically so that you can create a comprehensive strategy. With a full pre-work pack and follow up to ensure you are on track this is the coaching programme with a difference.

What's included in the strategy coaching programme

Your Planning Cycle

Financial Planning Session

Buying Data and Insight

Strategy Building Session

“Laura has been an integral part of the business helping us understand the commercial viability of decisions we make. She’s been working with the finance team every month to review numbers and provide insight which has been invaluable. She also has a keen interest in people development and has helped deliver courses to various teams alongside providing one to one mentoring. Laura is a great asset to any team with the wealth of experience she brings along with her friendly and approachable personality. She’s definitely been my go to person over the last 6 months!”
Shazia Wazir
Finance Director, We Are Pentagon

Strategy Coaching Programme Outline

Strategy Coaching Session One - Your Planning Cycle

This session focusses on understanding what you do, when you do it and what could be added to ensure you have everything you need to maximise your sales opportunity. Following my Plan, Buy, Sell and Review cycle we will structure your trading seasons and potential opportunities to add in the building blocks for growth. Includes a critical path template that we will update together and you can use every year to plan for your business.

Strategy Coaching Session Two - Financial Planning

This bumper session will help you with understanding what you need to create a strong sales and stock investment plan to support your business growth. We will look at the data you have available, how you can track your performance and what needs to be in your strategy to keep great cash flow so you can keep investing in new products. Includes a financial planning template that we will go through together and explore how it works with all the other elements of your business such as buying and marketing.

Strategy Coaching Session Three - Buying Data & Insight

A session designed to explore your key performance indicators and understanding how they can help your business. We will look at your product performance using the data you have available and discuss your creative focus for new products. Using the critical path will support using your data to help you make informed decisions  in line with your buying cycle and lead times with your suppliers. We will discuss your sourcing plan and your supply chain to ensure that you are achieving all the important details of your product quality and integrity.

Strategy Coaching Session Four - Strategy Building

Taking all the ideas and opportunities we have found as we have moved through the pre work and the focussed sessions we will use all the tools to bring together your strategic action plan. These will be the priorities we think will give you the best bang for your buck and return on any investment you may need to make. You will take away a plan that has the actions set out and you can add to your critical path with dates to stay accountable. You will understand what needs to be done and when to help you achieve the financial goals you have set.

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